Farmers Union Operations


The crew will not be cleaning ditches until after the water delivery season is over.

Thank you for understanding.



The 2023 Water Season is underway! Following is a list of your ditch riders and the laterals they will be serving:

Chuck Mondragon: North Main, North Lateral, North Central, 47 and 49

Cody Shawcroft: Central, Eubank and Diagonal Laterals

Dawson Mellott: South, Hiline and 55 Laterals

Please call the office for ditch rider contact information:


The Farmers Union came into priority on April 30, 2023 with 68.4 cfs.



May 11th:

The water level in the canal is at 218.3 cfs today.  The crew is moving water from the north to the south and will remain there over the next few days.


Office Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday thru Friday
Office Location: 296 Miles St. Center, CO
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 637 Center, CO 81125​
Phone: 719-754-2254
Highway Shop Phone: 719-754-3263​
Fax: 719-754-3616
email: /


Randall Palmgren, President
Sheldon Rockey, Vice President
Tuck Slane, Director
Mark Beiriger, Director
Patrick Brownell, Director




Robert Phillips, Superintendent
Amy Dean, Secretary
Dawson Mellott, Ditch Rider
Cody Shawcroft, Ditch Rider
Carlos Mondragon, Ditch Rider​